Windows Wallet Mining


Hey everyone

Just a quick question
Ive had my wallet open for a number of days, im conected and online.
I can the height and hash changing but i dont seem to see much else!
Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to see a little bit of a transaction, etc?


I have the same issue. I am mining with GPU and left my wallet with builtin miner running for days. Everything seemed good, just not finding any blocks. I decided disable GPU mining in the wallet and activated the command-line beam miner. It’s connecting with the pool and the performance is approx. 8 sol/s. A whole week later, no blocks. I don’t get it. I went and double-checked my wallet address. It looks right and the address never expires. I’m really confused here. As far as I know, everything is working as it should. I’m just not resolving any blocks. I did notice that my difficulty has been going up. It starts at around 100, but now it’s at 307. Help?


I just solved my problem. I am using the mining pool. I went to and created an account. This allowed me to see the progress on the pool. What I can see is that it is not sending the beam directly to my wallet. Instead, it’s storing all of it in a temporary wallet which it will send later when the amount is high enough.