Questions to the Beam Coin Logo and DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE



Hello, Beam Community
Is there the possibility the logo of the Beam Coin by a community Voting to change? If so, where?
(it disturbs me again a [pyramid] is. Reminded again to a power pyramid] man could simply also turn the pyramid ᐁ then it would be again OK, but I think this the community should codecide) I private think The logo could frighten the users and stand for a symbol of the control system a control pyramid, in monetary trade this arrives safely I do not think thus
Gibt es die möglichkeit das Logo vom Beam Coin durch ein Community Voting zu ändern ? Wenn ja, wo ?
(mich stört das es wieder eine [Pyramide] ist. Errinnert wieder an eine Macht Pyramide] mann könnte die Pyramide auch einfach umdrehen ᐁ dann wäre es wieder ok, aber ich denke das sollte die Community mitentscheiden) Ich Persönlich denke Das Logo könnte die Benutzer erschrecken und für ein Symbol des Kontrollsystems eine Kontroll Pyramide stehen, Im Geldhandel kommt das denke ich nicht so gut an

Ist Die Deutsche Beam Gemeinschaft hier auch schon im Forum vertreten ?

if I could contribute to it or the cause for thought give to Beam Coin listing in that on DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE

BarterDEX powered by Atomic Swaps technology

I can help for this write to me?

Probs to use the  Mimblewimble implementation #communities:communities-developers

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We Are An Army Of Ideas.
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We Can Not Be Stopped.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
United As One.
Divided By Zero.


Hello, I’ll just add my opinion to this question about the BEAM logo. Although the logo is a triangular shape it does not remind me of a pyramid, it looks like a glass prism. There is a beam of light passing through the prism and being separated into different colors. The logo reminds me more of the artwork on the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. The only criticism I have of it is that the colored light seems to be shades of purple instead of a true rainbow which is unscientific.
In terms of BEAM on a DEX, I’m not a team member so I have no influence whatsoever, but it seems to me that if BEAM becomes a successful project it will be listed on many exchanges including decentralized exchanges in due time.
If you are worried about a cryptocurrency being a symbol of the impending New World Order then it would be best not to become involved with any crypto project since they all pretty much define the end times prophecy of the number of the beast.


hey there. We’re working on our listing strategy. We’ll of course be present on several major ones and we’re going to offer a Atomic Swap feature.


I sort of get your concern… There is a large amount of people on the Internet who believes in Illuminati, New World Order and what not… A triangle is one of the most basic shapes… Equally as silly are people who think a black box represents pandora’s box or some secret organisation… I don’t have any preference for a logo of a coin project… But I guess in terms of marketing it could go both ways… It is good because people will remember it… And bad I guess if it freaks some people out… But they will definitely remember it still… A better question would be how to improve the logo


Agree with you on some points indeed. But in the same time, you could look at the logo as inspired from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.
The fact you reacted to the logo already is a good sign.
And yeah, I would love to hear how according to you we could enhance it.
Feel free to get as creative as possible.