Question regarding beam addresses




got a question regarding beam addresses. I did create 2 addreses, and set them to never expire (for mining and public stuff).

after i did upgrade my wallet, i had to restore the wallet from seed.

Now i noticed, my prior created addresses are of course gone, so i did recreate them in the order i did before - but now the wallet created different addresses.

Now the question, are those former created addresses still valid? I was assuming, the seed phrase is for deterministic key derivation, so i should get same addresses again if i recreate them in the same order, right? If those addresses are no longer valid, then after restoring wallet, i wont be able to receive coins on that old addresses?



reading your post i went on test it, i replicated the same scenario and unless the wallet is broadcasting the available addresses u will not receive.
Using the seed, i got back my coins in wallet, with new addresses. In order to get back the old active address you need to replace the wallet.db file. that is the only way.