Beam step by step miner guide on Ubuntu[English version]


Beam miner step by step guide on Ubuntu

           Auther: ChainMaster

Beam Mainnet 1.0.3976
Ubuntu 18.04
Set GPU mining

  1. Download beam-wallet-cli, beam-node, beam-opencl-miner
  2. Make dir beam, move all the downloaded file to this folder and extract

    tar -xzvf <filenametoextract>
  3. Install opencl

    sudo apt install ocl-icd-opencl-dev
  4. Initial wallet and listen

    Initial wallet and record wallet on paper

    ./beam-wallet —command init

    Create subkey

    ./beam-wallet —command=export_miner_key —subkey=1

    Create owner key

    ./beam-wallet —command=export_owner_key

    Listen to the beam wallet

    ./beam-wallet —command listen -n
  5. Create secert key pair under folder beam for stratum server

    openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout stratum.key -x509 -days 365 -out stratum.crt

    Create random text in new file stratum.api.keys (no spaces)

    vi stratum.api.keys
  6. Modify beam-node.cfg


    (You can find bootstrap ips with ports from

  7. Run beam-node

  8. Run beamMiner

    ./beam-opencl-miner  —server —key <a-line-of-random-text-in-stratum.api.keys>
  9. Check beam balance

    ./beam-wallet —command info -n

Accept Beam donate(Permanent address): 8fcc907a4ff3afb7840932291597f4aac42de10c031aa6b35a60caca22ea5540

Special thanks to Mino&Guy who helped with the testing on ubuntu.

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